Personal Loans With Part 9

Getting finance might be difficult if you are currently on a Part 9 debt agreement, potentially hindering you from achieving your financial goals or landing you in further financial difficult. Here at nmoni, many people on Part 9 debt agreements may actually be eligible for a car loan if they have maintained their Part 9 repayments, and have entered the agreement for over 12 months. Your chances of getting a car loan with Nmoni are quite high if you are up to date with your part 9 payments and do not have any other unsecured debt.

With our car loans with Part 9, a number of opportunities will be available to you.. What’s more, you will also be able to set a repayment amount that you are comfortable with, ensuring you obtain the financing you need without experiencing further financial hardship.


What is part 9 debt agreement?

A Part 9 debt agreement is available to low-mid income earners who are unable to pay what they owe to their creditors, but also want to avoid bankruptcy. Due to this, many lenders may be unwilling or unable to provide a suitable car loan. nmoni, on the other hand, are able to offer car loans with Part 9 to clients who have demonstrated an ability to meet commitments. Instead of focusing on your past credit history or debt, we acknowledge that you have likely come a long way since those mistakes and may now be better positioned to payback a loan.

Can I get a personal loan with part 9?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist with a personal loan if you are not discharged Part 9.

For any further information about our personal loans with Part 9, call us or browse our website.

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