Bank Feed and Terms of Use

In order to process your loan application we are required by law to review your last 90 days bank statement. This can be done automatically through bankstatements.com.au using the link that is provided to you at the end of the loan application.

About bankstatements.com.au:

bankstatements.com.au provides an easy to read report for us to assess whether the loan you have applied for is right for you. During the application process you can login to your bank using bankstatements.com.au and it will automatically generate 90 days of statements and will send them to us. Your bank login details are not stored and the process is totally secure.

Reasons for using Bank Statements:

  • Fastest loan approval rate
  • Easiest way to submit your statements
  • Used by leading Australian lenders
  • Subject to and complies with all Australian laws
  • 100% secure using 256-bit encryption