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For all customers that have a good credit score, we may be able to offer a low interest personal loan from our large panel of lenders. This is sometimes cheaper than the rates offered by the big banks. These loans can be secured or unsecured. The loan term varies from 3-5 years and the repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Many low interest loans we offer have no annual fees and no early termination or exit fees. Importantly, we fully disclose all fees prior to you accepting the loan. This means full transparency and gives you peace of mind.

The application process is fast with most of the outcomes provided within 1 business day from the time of application. We do not do upfront credit checks so an application with us will not hurt your credit rating.

The process for a low interest loan involves submitting an application and providing us with the supporting documents. We then do a soft credit check (won’t hurt your credit rating) to get a copy of your credit file and then compare your situation with the lending criteria of the lenders on our panel to find the best match for you. Once we have found the lender we then submit the application through to them.

This process saves you the time of comparing many lenders in the Australian market. Importantly, as well as finding you a great rate, we carefully assess you against the different criteria of each lender to ensure a great match for your circumstances. Finally, a really big advantage of using a service like ours is that it won’t hurt your credit rating. That’s because if you apply directly to lots of lenders for a loan each application can hurt your credit score. Working with us means you can avoid this because we have an excellent understanding of each of our lenders and match you to a lender BEFORE a formal application is made.

Minimum eligibility criteria include 18 years or over in age, Permanent Australian Resident and employed with a regular income. Centerlink benefits can only be considered as a secondary income.

To apply, you need to submit an application online and provide us 90 days of bank transactions which can be generated automatically using our secured link. We will also require a copy of your drivers licence or birth certificate, Medicare card and a document/bill with your current address on it.

For employed clients we will require your 2 most recent payslips. For Self Employed/Contractors/Sub Contractors clients we will require at least your most recent tax return.

Once we have received all the required documents you will have an update within a business day.

When reviewing an application we will check the details you have provided to us against your bank statements and will check if the applied loan is suitable for you. Responsible Lending criteria applies.

On approval, we provide a free, no-obligation quote and if satisfied, you can move onto taking the loan offer. Usually most loan contract documents can be easily signed electronically so there is no paper work involved.

Once we receive the signed documents, funds will be disbursed into your account straight away.

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How we find great rates

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We go to work to find the best deal for your situation from a panel of over 40 lenders.

3. Choose your loan

Choose your preferred lender with complete transparency of rates and fees.

4. We send you the money!

Review and sign the loan documents, and will transfer the money within 24 hours.

Use the nmoni advantage to save

We compare, you save

We'll find a great deal from our panel of over 40 lenders.

Low rates

We use our 20 years of experience and cutting-edge technology to find you the lowest possible rate for your circumstances.

Protect your credit score

Applying for a loan won't impact your credit score until you are ready to proceed.

No nasty surprises

All fees and charges are fully disclosed upfront, so you know exactly what is going on and what it’s going to cost.

Apply in 10 minutes

We’ve built a simple and secure online system to fast-track your loan request.

Intelligent decisions

We can provide approvals within a few hours using our personalised finance platform

Advanced Technology

Let our sophisticated finance platform work for you with a real-time personalised rate offer

Flexible loan repayments

To suit you and your situation.

Our experience is your advantage

We use our deep market experience to find you the best rate for your situation.

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