Eligibility Criteria

You must be at least 18 years of age, an Australian Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen and must be employed. Centrelink benefits can only be used as a secondary income and not as the only source of income.


For a personal loan, you must be discharged if you have ever been Bankrupt or been on a Part 9 Debt Agreement.


For a car loan, and on a Part 9 debt agreement, you must have entered the agreement for at least 6 months. If you have declared bankruptcy, you must be discharged.

Not if you are solely on Centrelink benefits. You need to be working and your Centerlink income must not exceed 50% of your total pay i.e. Centerlink benefits should not be greater than your work pay. All types of pensions and carer benefits are classified under Centrelink benefits.

Yes however, you must have at minimum 1 latest tax return and Notice of Assessment. Also, your net taxable income must be at least $35,000. In some cases, we may require 2 years of tax returns and Notice of Assessments.

Getting Started

It’s a 3 step process.


Step 1 – You complete an application online and provide us with the supporting documents which are, 100 points of ID, e.g. Drivers Licence, Medicare Card, 2 recent payslips and 90 days of bank transactions from the date of applying back 90 days where your salary is being deposited. The bank statement can be generated very easily by using our secured link which automatically sends us your last 90 days of transaction. This link is provided at the end of the application form. If you skipped this link, don’t worry as you will be receiving a confirmation email once you hit submit application. It will list the required documents which again can be emailed to us or simply uploaded at the end of your application form (please make sure you check your SPAM folder if you do not receive anything in your inbox).


Step 2 – Once you have submitted your supporting documents to us, we will have a thorough look at your current circumstances and will check which tier you fall under and which interest rate is applicable to you. We are a lender as well as a broker so we work in your best interest making sure you are offered the lowest interest rate in the market by comparing all the lenders that you fit into including nmoni. We then select a lender that offers the best interest rate that fits your current profile. You will be emailed a proposal outlaying the interest and fees that is being offered to you before we proceed.

Once you are happy with the quote, we can then complete the formal approval. Once approved contracts will be electronically emailed to you.


Step 3 – Once signed (e-sign option available) and submitted to us/lender, money will be deposited into your nominated bank account for most personal loans and if a car loan, the dealer/private seller will be paid directly.

You can either apply online or in store, located at our Bundoora branch. Please note that the process is the same so it might be easier to apply online than in person.

You will need to submit an application. Along with that we need your bank statements (which can be generated via an online link), 100 points of id (i.e. a copy of your Drivers Licence, Medicare card and any document/bill with your current address on it) and 2 most recent payslips. If you receive additional income via Centrelink benefits, we might require an income statement. If self-employed, we will require 1-2 of your most recent tax returns and a notice of assessment.

No, we do not do applications over the phone but please feel free to call us on 03 9468 8200 to discuss your situation and loan requirements.

Loan Amount

Our minimum loan amount is $5,000 and the minimum loan term is 1 year.

For a personal loan, you must be discharged if you have ever been Bankrupt or been on a Part 9 Debt Agreement.

For a car loan, and on a Part 9 debt agreement, you must have entered the agreement for at least 6 months. If you have declared bankruptcy, you must be discharged.

The maximum amount we can lend will depend upon the purpose of the loan, your credit rating, the serviceability assessment and whether it’s a secured or unsecured loan as sometimes if security is offered, a better rate or a higher amount can be approved.

We offer both secured and unsecured loans and you can apply for either. There is no limit on how much you can apply for, but offering security can increase the chances of getting a loan and sometimes it might be required depending upon the credit risk assessment as determined by our underwriting team.

The maximum amount we can lend for an unsecured loan will depend upon the purpose of the loan, your credit rating, and the serviceability assessment. The simplest way to find out is to apply (it takes less than 10 minutes) and we will get to work to see how we can help.

Loan Process

Once you have submitted an application you will be sent an instant confirmation email requesting supporting documents. You need to submit those documents to help us process your application.


The documents required will be:

  • A copy of your Drivers Licence( Passport or Birth Certificate)
  • A copy of your Medicare Card
  • Any document/bill with your current address on it
  • 2 most recent payslips if you are working
  • 2 most recent tax returns and the notice of assessments if you are self employed
  • Income Statement from Centrelink if you receive Centrelink benefits as an addition income only

You can email your supporting documents by replying to the confirmation email we sent you or you can email them directly to apply@nmoni.com.au or you can upload your documents directly onto our site during the application process.

Once you have submitted your application online successfully you will get a confirmation email instantly. Make sure to check your spam/junk email folder. If you have not received an email from us, it could mean that we have not received your application as you may not have hit the actual submit application button at the end. You might have got confused with the bank statement submit with the application submit. They both need to be submitted (if bank statement link is used) in order for us to receive the application too. You would most likely need to re-submit if this is the case. If you are applying during office hours, you can call us on 03 9468 8200 to confirm.

Once you submit your application and send us the supporting documents, we endeavour to get an outcome within a few business hours ( in most cases within 2-4 business hours). If we require any additional information or document from you, it might take more time i.e. 1-2 business days.

Transfer Time

As soon as you sign the loan contract documents and submit them back to us/lender payment should arrive the same day/overnight to your nominated bank account.

Credit History

We do not do upfront credit checks, meaning that we look at your loan application and bank statements first, to see if you meet our lending criteria. We may do what's called a soft credit check to get a better understanding of your credit file. This is done to ensure that you are offered the lowest interest rate by comparing different lenders that you can fit into and selecting the best lender. This particular check does not hurt your credit file.

Yes, all discharged bankrupts are eligible to apply for unsecured loan. If you are applying for a car loan and are currently in a Part 9 Debt Agreement, you must have entered the agreement for at least 6 months and must be up to date with your Part 9 repayments. Bad credit applicants are eligible as well as long as your current circumstances are good and you are up to date on all your current commitments whether financial or other. If you are still under bankruptcy and not discharged yet, unfortunately we won’t be able to assist you.

Bankrupt or Part-9

No, you need to be discharged from your bankruptcy in order to be eligible with us.

If you are applying for a car loan you are eligible to apply as long you have entered the Part 9 debt agreement for a min of 6 months. You need to be up to date with your Part 9 repayments and any other commitments. You must not have borrowed 2 or more small amount of credit contracts (loans up to $2000) while under your Part 9 agreement.


We do not offer unsecured personal loans if you are currently on a Part-9 debt agreement.

No, we do not offer debt consolidation if you are currently in a Part 9 agreement.

Debt Consolidation

Yes, if you have loans or credit cards that you would like to consolidate into one loan, it might be only possible if you have good conduct with your current debts and no more than 2 payday lenders . If you are currently Bankrupt or in a Part 9 Debt agreement and are looking for an unsecured debt consolidation loan, unfortunately we won’t be able to assist you.


You can apply for a debt consolidation loan here.


We assess you profile on an individual basis. Once we confirm the product you fall under, we then provide you with a credit proposal outlaying the rate and fees you fall under.


Once you are happy with the proposal, we then progress your application to formal approval stage. Once approved you will be sent the loan contract documents via an e-sign portal. You need to read through the contract carefully and if you are happy with it, e-sign it and submit it for us/lender to complete the fund transfer or refer to settlement.

Sometimes after a careful consideration of your income, expenses and your current circumstances, you might be approved for a lesser amount as it might be a better alternative for you to borrow less without over committing yourself. We will make sure that the amount offered meets your needs and you are happy to accept it. You always have the option to reject the offer if it does not satisfy your need.


If your loan was funded via nmoni, then you will need to contact us at least 48 hours prior to the direct debit date. You email us  contact@nmoni.com.au or call us on 03 9468 8200.

You need to contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss your current situation and to arrange a payment plan. You might be required to complete a financial hardship form and submit supporting documents to confirm your claim.


Interest rates depend upon your application as it is determined based on your credit risk assessment and your overall current profile.

Once you have completed an application (it takes less than 10 minutes) and submitted your supporting documents, we will have a thorough look at your current circumstances and which interest rate may be applicable to you along with any fees and charges that may apply. We are a Credit Assistance Provider so we work in your best interest by comparing the lenders we have on our panel that suit your personal circumstances. We then select a lender that offers the best financial solution that fits your current profile. The goal is to save you serious money on your loan.

All loans financed by nmoni do not incur any early termination fee. Any loan brokered via nmoni might have an early termination fee which can be checked at the time of approval. Majority of the lenders offer ‘no early termination fee’ loans.

No, there are no hidden costs involved in any of our loans. Upon approval of your loan, everything will be clearly laid out in a free, no obligation credit contract quote. We are really proud of the transparency we put in our proposals and it is one of the key reasons we are rated so highly on Google. You do not have to accept the contract if you are not happy with the contract.


Employment verification might be required for some loan applications. We take your privacy very seriously so none of your personal details are shared with your employer or any other staff. We only contact your payroll or HR to confirm the details you have provided on the application form regarding your employment only.

Your application can be declined due to reasons such as not meeting our lending criteria, low or negative serviceability, poor banking conduct, excessive gaming transactions, credit history etc. We may be able to provide you with a reason so that you can work on your profile for future.

We may also recommend/suggest another lender according to your current situation and sometimes suggest to wait a certain period before re-applying for further credit to help build your credit rating.

Yes, refinancing your current loan might be possible if you currently have a good payment history. It might be simply just going back to your limit or applying for a higher amount. Please call us on 03 9468 8200 to find out more about your refinance.

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