Under the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), we are not permitted to send you a commercial electronic message (which includes instant message, e- mail, SMS and MMS) without your consent.

We believe that communication through electronic messages is far more convenient and efficient for both you and us. Without your consent to communicate through electronic messages, the only way we will be able to communicate with you is through traditional post. By agreeing to this document, and therefore providing your consent, you are confirming that:-

  • You understand that without your consent we cannot communicate with you through electronic messages (instant message, e-mail, SMS and MMS);
  • You have considered the advantages and disadvantages of receiving communication through electronic messages;
  • You have decided that you wish to receive electronic messages from us;
  • You agree to receive messages from us which we believe may be of interest or benefit to you including messages containing offers of other products or services, and
  • You will ensure that the electronic addresses you provide to us (including but not limited to e-mail address and mobile phone number) will be kept up to date by you.


I/we acknowledge that I have read and understood the consent given under the SPAM Act and agree to allow nmoni to communicate with me/us through instant message, e-mail, SMS and MMS.

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