Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Loans

An unsecured loan is a loan not secured against an asset such as property or vehicle. Here, at NMONI, our unsecured loans aim to create greater financial freedom and peace of mind. These type of loans can cater for medical expenses, car repairs, unexpected expenses, bond payment, moving costs, home renovations or improvement and many more.

No upfront credit checks means our unsecured loans focus on your current circumstances and serviceability that is, your income minus your expenses and debts. These loans also allow for greater control over the repayment term and amount as well as allows you to hold onto your asset unlike secured loans. We also value transparency and so, we disclose the fees involved in our unsecured loans upfront upon the approval of the loan. We also do not have any account keeping nor early termination fees unlike other lenders.

Our unsecured loans can also cater for those who have bad credit such as being in a Part 9 Debt Agreement or Bankrupt or even have defaults. The requirement is you need to be at least 12 months into the Part 9 Debt Agreement or Bankruptcy in order to assess your loan application. NMONI accepts bad credit as long as your current circumstances are good such as having a stable income and good display of banking conduct.

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In addition, not only is NMONI a credit provider but also licensed to be a broker (Credit Assistant Provider). This means we can refer your application, with your consent, to our partnered panel of lenders in accordance to your current circumstances and loan needs. The referral of your application also allows for all avenues in credit assistance to taken into consideration to overall ensure that your loan needs are meet. No matter where you are located in Australia, our quick turnover on our unsecured loans means that your loans needs can be met in no time.

Our easy step by step process will ensure you have a great experience in optimising our unsecured loans. Simply submit an application through our website, send through your supporting documents and our quick turnover means your application will be assessed in no time.

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